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As I sat at the convention, red-eyed from lack of sleep, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper Psalm 23.

I thought to myself, “Really, Lord? I know this one by heart.”

But I obeyed. I grabbed my Bible and read it.

I was a little nervous going to the convention for a few personal reasons. Fear, mainly, of being rejected. As I read Psalm 23 nothing really jumped out and continued to Psalm 24. Then I went back and re-read Psalm 23 two more times. On the third time, it hit me. “I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies.”

God flung open the doors for us to be at this convention and to even have a table there was a financial miracle in my eyes. So obviously, He did prepare a table before me. “The presence of my enemies” I thought was a little severe. Didn’t God realize I was at the Republican state Convention and not the Democratic one?

Before I go on any further, I must back up to Tuesday of last week when I went to my local print shop to print materials for our table. The lady behind the counter was loading my thumb drive of files that I needed to print. As she asked me about paper weight and single-or double-sided printing, she began to read a bit of the content. After opening the fourth file, she said, “wow, this looks like a great convention.”

I revealed it was for the Republican State convention. She then proceeded to tell me that she has a friend that was on the platform committee. I told her that I was also on the platform committee. Out of curiosity, I asked about her friend’s name. “

Jim,” she said.*

I know Jim. Any one in the Oklahoma GOP knows Jim. He is a phenomenon and anomaly. He is one of those guys that both reads and analyzes bills, rules and all other forms  of complex documents. He watches stuff like a hawk. He is like a watchman on the wall for policy in Oklahoma and he isn’t afraid to wear people out on pointing out hypocrisies, failures or even a misplaced adverb in the sentence of a document pertaining to the political process.

The man is just incredibly keen and I admire him for it.

As I told her about my admiration for Jim’s contributions to the platform committee and as I shared about our purpose as Remnant Rising hosting a table there, she said that she would tell Jim about meeting me and share our website with him.

I was flattered.

A few days later, I get an email from the lady from the print shop telling me that she told Jim about me and for me to be sure to introduce myself.

I much obliged to keep an eye out for him at the convention.

Fast forward to the morning of the convention. I return from hosting our table to our assigned section in the convention, and lo and behold, who grabbed a spot right next to us? Jim, of course!

Now he had no idea who I was nor was there any way for him to identify whose stuff he had just set down next to. So this was obviously a Divine thing.

“Hi Jim, I’m Rachel–I met your friend at the print shop.” I said. I saw the wheels turning for a few seconds then it clicked who I was.

He didn’t seem that impressed, but he was still friendly. He was more impressed that I remembered his friend’s name!

So, the convention began with a late start due to a car accident holding up the arrival of a bus of delegates. In between political messages from different elected officials, I heard the Lord whisper, Psalm 23.

Now, not more than about 45 minutes go by and Jim begins to murmur something about the rules, adopting changes and times. Mind you all these meetings are held in accordance to Robert’s Rules.

Finally, my attention is piqued. I wanted to know more about what he was mumbling to himself about.

It took about 45 minutes of Jim explaining to me what he was so concerned about. It took that long because the problem was that complex.

In a nutshell, there were indications that something may not be right, and if things continued to proceed as they were, many of the delegates would likely be worn out and many go home before being able to vote on the Party’s next set of leadership. It was apparent the proceedings would end up wasting our time all because of one rule that Jim picked up on on the very back of the convention agenda.

“Regardless of the order of business, the election of state party officers shall begin no later than 1:30 PM and any business before the convention shall be suspended.”

This was a problem seeing as how it was almost noon and nothing had been accomplished yet and we were about to break for lunch. After strategizing with others, getting precise language on how to communicate according to Robert’s Rules, we settled on a first step to broach this potential issue. As the speaker came up to announce the lunch break, I went to the microphone with a “point of information” clarifying that we would continue with the order of business according to the rules and agenda agreed upon.

I was lightly brushed off and barely reassured that the convention would reconvene promptly after lunch to pick up where we left off.

During the lunch break, the Father kept sending people to our table.

People we needed and didn’t even know we needed came to our table. Our table became a gathering point for the Remnant that were there to wage war in the spirit.

God organized and gathered us. We prayed fervently during the break and my husband went to the highest point in the building with another prayer warrior and prayed over the convention. Serious intercession was taking place and all the connections we needed to make were made by the the time the meeting was about to commence again.

By this point, it looked like there was no one else to approach the Chair except for myself. I have little to no experience in Robert’s Rules and all things Parliamentarian in our government, so it was really the Holy Spirit that had the floor.

I went up to the microphone about to argue a point I didn’t fully comprehend and this is when the Holy Spirit took over. I began negotiating in front of the magistrates, powers and 1,000 delegates on the rules about timing.

I began to talk and what came out of my mouth, I couldn’t repeat now to its full glory, even if I tried.

But in the end, all of Heaven was backing me up and garnered the support of the majority of the delegates present and we were able to strike down the item about the timing, vote on the platform as a whole without breaking it down into sections, which is what would have allowed the adversary wiggle room to attempt to strike down the section against abortion in the platform and move onto the elections of the State Chair and Vice-Chair.

By the time we got to elect the chair and vice chair, they were actually campaigning on the talking points that the Holy Spirit had me speak. The right people won and God’s agenda and Kingdom were advanced here in Oklahoma!

When Jesus said not to worry about what to say when one is brought before the powers and magistrates and that the Holy Spirit would fill your mouth, He did just that! Through this, I was able to work within constraints that I didn’t fully comprehend, rally a crowd of around 1,000 people, and garner the support needed to pass the draft platform as a whole. This was important because the platform contains strong language to protect our unborn children, and a list of protections for American Liberty!

This is the victory that was won because of your support and prayers! Now, all Republicans that run in Oklahoma have to declare support for at least 80% of this platform!

My cup runneth over.


*Jim’s name was changed to protect his identity.

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