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Wiser Souls Seek Wisdom from a Higher Source

President Trump has announced to the American people that this period of time, approximately in the next couple of weeks, we are in the most severe period of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is also interesting, maybe not coincidental, that this period is a time which includes the Jewish celebration of Passover and the Christian celebration of Easter. For those unfamiliar with these religious holidays, in a very common perspective, they both represent celebrations of life over death. It is additionally interesting, and also maybe not so coincidental, that practically the entire world is required to shelter in our homes because of a highly infectious disease that is a highly efficient “killing machine” – quite similar to the “Angel of Death.”

It is undeniable that in this time, America, like the rest of the world, is held captive to a virus that is incredibly contagious, and people are required to obey their respective governments’ manner of effecting mandates to limit the light-speed spread of this strain of the coronavirus. It is better for most people to not be in the Philippines where Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his police and military to “Shoot them dead,” an order to kill any citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown. Obviously, it is one of the most extreme ways to deal with this disease. Perhaps a way to cure autocratic mayors and governors in the United States, who seek to mandate their own draconian measures, would be to award them with a one-way ticket to the Philippines.

These are certainly highly unusual times, and times in which help the people of the world see and understand that humanity is still at great risk in a very toxic environment – not only from the natural pathogens roaming around in nature, but from the real corrupt or toxic nature of human beings who do not respect the value of life itself. Obvious to the real astute reader, the parallels with the perils of the Hebrew people do not fit in an absolute way, but parallels indeed provoke serious consideration of those who claim to be people of faith. When parallels appear in history, they don’t reflect a perfect alignment. But, through whatever myriad of possible ways, the world has come into a similar situation that the Hebrew people faced thousands of years ago.

In our time, as then, many people seek answers to the common plight of humanity. Yet, various answers come, with the dangling, and often divisive, religious or political perspectives attached. Has humanity truly developed that much over the thousands of years since the Pharaoh on his throne made absolutist decisions affecting the lives of thousands of human beings? It may be important to note that much close to our time in the good old United States of America, the many Pharaohs of the Deep South also held human beings in bondage? Additionally, consider another parallel in that the Egyptian government mandated that the Hebrew midwives in that time had to kill all the firstborn male children by throwing them into the Nile River. And in the good old U.S.A. today, Americans tolerate the government mandate that unborn babies be terminated – existing still as a socially acceptable, even ‘respectable’ form of modern-day infanticide. And, if unborn babies cannot be terminated properly, it gets messy, so Democrat leaders, as Barack Obama had before he became president, are now promoting very late-term abortions as well as after birth termination – which in God’s eyes is nothing less than murder.

In such turbulent times, wiser souls will seek wisdom from higher sources. In reality, part of how the world got to this point does not matter because we are here at a point in time in which all of the world’s people must face up to death. But in reality, all of the world’s people will face death when their “time is up” anyway. The essence of the primary concern is premature death that could be unavoided, or dying without having fully lived, or dying without purpose. So, in our deep desire to live, we have some degree of collective trust in the healthcare officials who are thrust into the role of knowing what is best for the entire population. But, not many people stop and think that doctors are trained to be highly professional in their tasks at “doing no harm.” What that translates into is a more detached, objective, and non-personable way of handling death.

It can be easily viewed in an impersonal manner.

Doctors are trained to remain professional in dealing with all kinds of diseases, and despite what they may be feeling inside emotionally, they are meant to be objectively detached in order to be the professional that people expect them to be. But, can a doctor make a misdiagnosis? Are any doctors being sued for malpractice? So, doctors are not infallible, and are not all-knowing. There are many medical “experts” and many of the medical experts have vocalized many points of view regarding the disease ravaging the world in our time. And some of the information is simply points of view – or opinion. It is clear that this virus has brilliant scientists in real disagreement with one another over the severity and potential extent of such a deadly pandemic. But, they do agree it is a deadly pandemic and something must be done to fight it.

What is happening on a deeper level with this pandemic is that the true nature of an individual is being burped out into the light of day. Some doctors are concerned for others and willingly post videos online because they are concerned about their fellow human beings, and essentially the value of life itself. It is amazing that this comes from concerned professionals that are willing to share their medical expertise in such perilous times that in other times one would be charged an arm and a leg for their precious time and advice. Medical advice now coming from doctors who are sharing with the public about the importance of the immune system. But, just a few years ago those doctors would have been barred from practicing medicine in the U.S. Some doctors are now disclosing to the public what could not be said under other circumstances or conditions because they could have lost their license to practice medicine in the U.S. when the “business as usual” model prevailed. The AMA and the CDC and the WHO is not what the average person may think they are because money and the ability to make money, is often more important than “doing no harm.”

If people are confused and not sure what to believe because of all the different viewpoints and the various professional perspectives, it is not surprising. And that is why, In such turbulent times, wiser souls seek wisdom from higher sources. All people throughout the world must confront the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another on their own terms. And no one, in all honesty, wakes up in the morning thinking that it would be “a good day to die” — not unless they are a super-macho, self-sacrificing guy who knows he is about to die anyway. Most people want to live. Most people have an intense desire to preserve their lives. However, when a catastrophe occurs, or a global disaster spreads into ones’ own “backyard,” people react in very different ways. Those who paid attention in psychology classes in college understand the basic dichotomy of the fight or flight instincts in human beings to preserve their lives. The two primary reactions that imminent danger imposes are fear or courage to stand against the threat.

Normally, people have either one of two of the primary mindsets: they can be either people of faith or people without any genuine faith. As mentioned in another of my articles, the people of genuine faith seem to promote a simple hope and sincerely seek ways to be of help to solve problems — even to solve the spread of the disease. People without any serious faith are less tolerant of other people’s perspectives and more self-absorbed. They are more subject to fear, and fear is as infectious as this coronavirus — perhaps even more so. Fears can be manipulated and when the flames of fear are fanned, they can erupt into outright panic within the minds and hearts of innocent people. In such a case, it is important to realize a fundamental reality: we are all in this together, and we still live in a somewhat “civil society.” It means that as social beings,

we are interdependent upon one another for a healthy society, for the public welfare.

It is one of the reasons that one of the most profound and meaningful statements that President Franklin D. Roosevelt ever uttered, was expressed in his first inaugural address when he stated that “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Many Americans think that those words were said in the time of World War II, but his first inaugural address was focused upon instilling some calm amidst a nation frozen in panic in the beginnings of the Great Depression. And after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when he called for a declaration of war against the tyrannical Japanese Imperial government, he eventually proclaimed that we are in the war and we are in it all the way. His was a desire to fight the fight, and he managed to bring most Americans along with him in the fight that they had to face in their time.

Today, the COVID-19 virus is ravaging the planet and rampaging across America. There is a president who is doing his utmost best, and perhaps dealing with this in an unprecedented way. Yet, we have many detractors who oppose him at every turn, every move he makes. Naturally, Americans, are often rebellious by nature, so it is hard to suddenly develop a compliant nature in a few months when faced with such a foreboding threat to so many millions of people. Yet those with a hidden agenda who challenge the president to promote a purely political agenda should be a bit wiser in their efforts to derail his leadership in such times of tribulation. Additionally, as Americans of faith, we are more inclined to follow the foundations of faith rather than any individual. Yet, here we are. It may be that we have come full circle and the entire world is on the precipice of a time in which the world will never be the same again as we once knew it.

In this time, on the precipice of Passover, Americans of any faith, or none, should pause just a moment to look in the mirror. Americans find themselves in an intolerable situation in which we need to remain in our homes, and take serious precautions when moving about while a quite deadly virus is in our midst. For the Hebrew people, at the time of the visitation of the angel of death, the people had to trust in a man who claimed he had a plan from God. The Hebrews did not even trust Moses completely, and they had to follow the directions from his brother, Aaron, who was the primary spokesperson. And, although these people did not totally see God behind what Moses was doing, they needed to trust in the basic guidance at the time of the Passover. Even if they did not completely understand it, based on their respectful trust at that point in time, they eventually obtained their freedom.

Americans of any faith, or none, would all be well served to invest more of their time in trust in seeking wisdom from higher sources at this time. President Trump and the people he has selected are trying to get us all past this crisis. This one man, who seems larger than life, has taken on the elitist establishment head-on. It may be that it is also not a coincidence that Trump is in such a leadership position at this time. He is one of the most powerful men in the world right now and has the capability to lead Americans to a much better place, at least in a material sense. It might be wise for Americans to put forth more faith in him as a chosen leader for our time. And, that may apply to other folks beyond the borders of the United States. In order for the Hebrew people to survive, they had to trust what Moses and Aaron provided as directions for God’s chosen people to survive the time of the passing of the “Angel of Death.” That trust not only helped them to survive, it set them on a whole new journey to freedom.

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