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When Good News comes, can we stand in the face of giants? That’s the real test of faith in our God.

This is the Passover season . . . the time where we remember the Israelites’ departure from Egypt into the Wilderness and the blood of the Lamb that spared them from the last plague and ultimately freed them from slavery and oppression.

It’s at this time we are now in the wilderness and just imagining the Israelites leaving everything familiar to them, embarking on a new journey with their newfound and proven Savior!

So, how long was this journey in the wilderness supposed to last? We all know it wasn’t supposed to be 40 years, because it was only an 11-day journey between Rameses and the Promised Land. However, it took 40 years.

So, why?

The book of Numbers makes it very clear. It took four decades because they didn’t trust the Lord in the face of giants.

Twelve spies scouted out the territory the Israelites were to be given by God. Two came back with a good report. The rest only talked about how big and how scary the people in the Promised Land were.

All they did was talk about how powerless they were and how big the giants were.

But, perhaps an overwhelming, seemingly undefeatable enemy is what they were meant to face. I believe God wanted it just like that so they would know it was He who was going to rescue them. Every. Single. Time. That no matter how great they grew as a nation, no matter how powerful they got and how prosperous they became, they would not forget their source. God wanted them to know it all came from and would continue to come from Him. Always.

We, as America are today facing the giants of sickness, totalitarianism and communism. The giants are clearly stronger than us and more powerful than us. But God is asking us, “Do we remember Him? Do we believe that He is and always has been our one and only Savior?”

We’ve spent a lot of time not really acknowledging Him, going about life as we please and still enjoying this great land God gave us. But now, this moment in history is where the rubber of our action meets the road of our faith. Do we believe as a nation that God is truly capable of saving us again in the face of giants?

Does our President realize this to an even deeper level? That above all else, no matter how successful one can become, God was and always has been the Source that gave it all?

That’s all God wants.

That we acknowledge Him through our success, through our tears and through our fears.

Trust in the Lord with all your hearts and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s always been because of Him and through Him if we have success. And He is ABLE to save, even in the face of giants. He will save when He says He will. It’s a faith journey to get there — to be able to take your position with your shoulders square in the face of the enemy.

Joshua and Caleb assumed that square-shouldered position of faith a lot faster than the rest of Israel. And, I believe we are faced with that challenge now.

I think we have a choice to believe the negative reports and to fear how big the giants are — or to choose to trust in the Faithfulness and Truth of our God.

This is the narrow gate.

Turns out that back in Numbers, God didn’t take too kindly to Israel’s doubt. After letting them talk themselves into growing terror, God came down in a Cloud of Glory and said:

“And יהוה said to Mosheh, “How long shall I be scorned by these people? And how long shall I not be trusted by them, with all the signs which I have done in their midst? Let Me strike them with the pestilence and disinherit them, and make of you a nation greater and mightier than they.”

Numbers 14:11-12

God was ready to dispossess them as a nation — to leave them as orphans in the wilderness. After ten trials in what was supposed to be a temporary, 11-day no-man’s land, God had reached His limits with Israel. Oh, He is patient and long-suffering, don’t get me wrong, but if you read the Bible, you can see when God has had it with a people . . . and I believe it’s because of what it costs Him as Judge to rule against a sinful nation and save His people. He wants us to know the cost, not just so we don’t insult the Spirit of Favor, but so we know Him better.

Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb interceded for the people, but instead of inheriting the Promised Land right then and there, Israel had to wander aimlessly in the wilderness for 40 years

And יהוה said, “I shall forgive, according to your word,  but truly, as I live and all the earth is filled with the esteem of יהוה, for none of these men who have seen My esteem and the signs which I did in Mitsrayim [Egypt] and in the wilderness, and have tried Me now these ten times, and have disobeyed My voice, shall see the land of which I swore to their fathers, nor any of those who scorned Me see it.  “But My servant Kalěḇ, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed Me completely, I shall bring into the land where he went, and his seed shall inherit it.

Numbers 14-14-24

The video below explains the plans of God in our current crisis which are bringing about a national terror strikingly similar to the fear the Israelites gave into in that hour of trial.

Joshua and Caleb trusted God and took Him at His Word. Below, I have a quote from Joshua and Caleb that illustrates what trust sounds like that pleases God. They quoted God right back to the people.

“If יהוה has delighted in us, then He shall bring us into this land and give it to us, ‘a land which is flowing with milk and honey.’  “Only, do not rebel against יהוה, nor fear the people of the landfor they are our bread. [emphasis mine] Their defense has turned away from them, and יהוה is with us. Do not fear them.”

Numbers 14:8-9

Do you remember one of my articles from March 2020 that referred to the heads of Leviathan being manna for the people in the Wilderness? You can read that article here.

That is so important to understanding the right position to take today. Choosing to be without fear doesn’t mean we get to rebel. Choosing to trust the Father doesn’t mean we don’t take this seriously.

It means He wants us to understand the cost of that judgement that was rendered in our favor. He wants us to understand Him and His heart.

What an invitation! To be invited to understand the King of Kings!

We are invited to be His friends!

His friends! WOW!

Take this time and listen to the Heart and plans of our Greatest Friend, the King of Kings, through two prophetic voices, Jeremiah Johnson and Tracy Clarke.

I’m also reminded of another prophetic voice who warned us in 2016. Mark Taylor said believe the Good News!

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