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Resentment, fear and bitterness. That’s the hook.

Several years ago, when all the gender identity controversy came out, it seemed that the enemy threw a blanket with hooks all over America. The catch was that those hooks only stuck onto those who had bitterness, unhealed wounds, fear and resentment concerning a relating experience.

The enemy loves to capitalize on past wounds, fears and well, anything that isn’t really healed, healthy or whole. Something similar is happening in America today. Another blanket with hooks has been tossed over America. It’s doing everything it can to divide and destroy us by our own hands and feet. A house divided against itself cannot stand and it would be in our best interest to find common ground with others that may seem different from us.

Five days before the George Floyd video came out, the Lord woke me up and started to speak to my heart. He had me read Jeremiah 22-24 and gave me a prophetic word based on that (that you can read here.) To sum it up, many of those that are rioting and looting, protesting and reacting to the protests are screaming “Peace, Peace! This is peaceful protesting!”

There is no peace, but war. One of the main points of that word was that we must prepare our children to be fearless in the midst of intense war, for fear and discouragement will be the downfall and to tell others that there are shepherds that are coming that will dispel fear and discouragement.

That word helps provide us a 60,000-foot view of what’s really going on in the world today. And all the rioting and invasion of cities through the deaths of George Floyd and many others is another blanket with hooks being thrown out to us as a nation, that’s meant to spark fear, which leads to hatred, weakness and irrational rage, with no ability for self-control.

But none of this is happening outside of God’s permission.

Isaiah 28:19-22 says this:

“As often as it passes through it shall take you, for it shall pass through every morning, and by day and by night. And it shall be only trembling to understand the message.”

For the bed shall be too short for a man to stretch out on, and the covering shall be too narrow to wrap himself in it.

For יהוה rises up as at Mount Peratsim, and He is wroth as at the Valley of Giḇ‛on, to do His work, His strange work, and to do His deed, His strange deed.

And now, do not be scoffers, lest your bonds be made strong. For I have heard from the Master יהוה of hosts, a destruction decreed upon all the earth.”

God is saying that this shaking comes from Him, and that we will only be able to understand what he is doing through the trembling it creates within our hearts from all this turmoil and shaking.

So naturally one of the questions becomes, “what’s His message to us?”

Let’s consider some earlier verses in the same chapter. Isaiah 28:3-6 says this:

“The proud crown of the drunkards of Ephrayim, is trampled underfoot; and the fading flower of its splendid comeliness that is on the head of the fertile valley, like the first fruit before the summer, which, when one sees it, he eats it up while it is still in his hand.

In that day יהוה of hosts is for a crown of splendour and a head-dress of comeliness to the remnant of His people,  and a spirit of right-ruling to him who sits in right-ruling, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” {emphasis mine}

Did you catch one of the hooks mentioned in the first sentence? Indirectly , it’s resentment because resentment leads to pride. That scripture says, “And the proud will become trampled underfoot.”

Basically, God is allowing all this shaking to get hidden resentment out of our hearts so that we can forgive and repent before Him and be made whole.

One of the reasons God is shaking the world is to give us the opportunity to humble ourselves and reveal to us our hidden pride so that we can forgive, confess before those we need to confess to and repent to God. Getting the bride ready for her bridegroom.

Now does the enemy want the bride to be ready for her Messiah?

Not at all. So the adversary capitalizes on unhealed wounds, unforgiveness and fear and resentments hidden deep within our hearts in order to accomplish his agenda, which is to create a broken, fearful unprepared bride.

The problem with pride is that it causes God to oppose us in those areas in which we have pride. If we think of our heart as having chambers, or rooms, and the adversary wanting to set up shop in as many rooms in our hearts as possible, then wouldn’t that be an effective strategy against God’s people?

I want to expose the process the enemy is using so that we don’t fall into his trap.

First off, the Bible mentions rooms and houses through out the entire Bible. The Torah states that Moses was “faithful in all of God’s house.” (Num. 12:7; Heb. 3:5)

So, what is a house?

A house is a dwelling place. In Revelation 21:6, the scripture mentions that the tabernacle(God’s dwelling place) of the Lord is with men. Again there is another reference to our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit in I Corinthians 6:19, saying that His spirit dwells within us. Yeshua makes two references to rooms and houses as well. Yeshua mentions houses and rooms, when he talks about being delivered from unclean spirits and if they return, they find that room,(our heart) swept out, vacant and in order, and if not filled with love,  those spirits can return seven times worse (Luke 11:45, Matt. 12:45). The second one, He mentions that in His Father’s house are many mansions (some translations say rooms) and this is a loose prophetic understanding of how our hearts have many rooms. The spirit of a man dwells in his heart (Psalm 143:4) and there is a connection between our hearts, our spirits and God’s dwelling place.

So now that we have established the connection of our hearts, their chambers or rooms, our spirit and God’s dwelling place, let’s take a look at how the adversary is trying to plant seeds that could prevent us from being ready for our Messiah’s return.

The Bible is very clear that our Heavenly Father opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

This year has provided fertile ground for a lot of introspection. Right now, we have a window of the opportunity to us to make things right before the Lord, which I will provide some practical application steps below.

But first, I want to analyze the function of pride and how it affects the rooms in our hearts for a moment. But first off, let’s think of a room in our heart as an experience, a memory or even a belief. When we have pride in a room, it’s because we have an unhealed wound. Many times it’s a dark, dingy, cold place, an old closet that’s been barred off for safe keeping and tight control. Many times, we don’t want to face those old skeletons that we think are locked off and shut. But in reality, they are wide open to the enemy. Remember Isaiah’s words about Yeshua, “Isa 22:22 And I shall place the key of the house of Daviḏ on his shoulder. And he shall open, and no one shuts; and shall shut, and no one opens. â€œ

Unless Yeshua shuts the door to the enemy in our hearts, those dark unseen places can be swung wide open for one of the enemy’s prime weapons—fear, to come in and set up shop in our hearts. Once fear is in place, now there is no room for love, power and sound mind. Now fear becomes a weapon which functions as a protector and guardian of that room which once only had a seed of resentment, has now swelled into a mansion of pride.  Fear will then function as the guardian and protector of that that mansion.

So what is fear guarding so fiercely in that room now?

It becomes a gatekeeper to our beliefs, our perceptions (which are many times only partial truths accepted as whole truths) and fear guards our understanding about a particular topic or experience which can now be totally driven and used by the adversary because we have unwittingly given fear control of those things through resentment.

And before we know it, our enemy has created the perfect breeding ground for himself and his minions to use us as a vessel for his empire, strengthening his hand through division, strife and chaos—in essence making us a host to the one thing that makes King of the Universe oppose us: Pride.

Do you see how he tries to manipulate us against our own Father? It’s truly a savage and merciless process.

This is exactly why the opposite of fear is love, power, and sound mind.

But then, God!

Oh, if we trust the wounds from a friend (Prov. 27:6), when our hearts faint within us and the ground is shaking beneath our feet. When all seems like it’s falling around us and we have nothing to hang on to, this is the moment to seize the forgiveness and healing of the Lord.

Hosea 6:1 says,

 â€˜Come, and let us turn back to יהוה. For He has torn but He does heal us, He has stricken but He binds us up. â€œ

When we lay down our pride, when we resist the devil and his works of fear and hate, when we choose to turn back that battle at the gate, we can be healed. That dark room where fear held our views and beliefs captive in pride, Yeshua can now come in with His truth and we can be set free.

And where the seeds of resentment and bitterness are uprooted, the wound can now be healed, we can now receive confidence which leads to love. When we have confidence, instead of the counterfeit pride, now love, which is God Himself (I Jn 4:8) will guard and protect us.

“He is a shield to those taking refuge in Him,”

Proverbs 30:5

In these trying times, how can love protect us? First off, love is not easily provoked. So, when those rooms  in our hearts are now filled with love, we aren’t provoked by the hooks that the enemy throws out. We don’t become angry or fearful at the calamity that we witness all around us. His banner over us becomes love and we are able to be patient and kind, even toward those who hate us, turning back the battle at the gate. He becomes our crown of comeliness.

But how do we achieve this?

I look at it like a solution to an error in a computer app. Often times we need a plug-in to get the program to run correctly or more efficiently. Truly, what do we do when we find ourselves dealing with unwanted pride, fear, stubbornness, or even bitterness? Have these feelings or seeds ever just gone away on their own?

Recently through all this trembling, or shaking if your will, I’ve found myself more times than I care to admit, realizing there was some ugly stuff in my heart being unearthed. I mean, that’s the whole point of being shaken and trembling. It’s so those hidden things in our hearts will be exposed.

And this is where our choice comes in. We can choose to ignore it, pacify it, rebury it, feed it, or deal with it head on.

So when we find our hearts with an “error code” to our conscience, and we find ourselves dealing with pride and fear leading us to be provoked into anger, what’s the solution?

This is where and how we can take refuge in Him. The Lord will typically bring a memory to mind and this is where we apply the plug-in that I’ll explain below.

One of the plug-in’s is a wonderful prayer from a ministry called God’s ER. In the prayer, it accomplishes six things.

First off, it enables you to activate Isaiah 54:17 which says this:

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall prove wrong. This is the inheritance of the servants of יהוה, and their righteousness from Me,” declares יהוה.

Second, forgiveness is the key to activate that scripture.

Third, once we forgive, we give Yeshua our thoughts and feelings of  unforgiveness, that include fear, hatred, betrayal neglect, resentment, bitterness, offense, feelings of abandonment, neglect, deception, manipulation and control (along with any thing else you may feel). We literally need to cast these cares upon Him.

Fourth, we ask for forgiveness for pronouncing judgment on that person. Then we can destroy and break and cancel and vacate all judgments that we made and stated against that person, then we can destroy all the judgments they made and stated against you.

Fifth, we cancel all curses that this unforgiveness has allowed to land in our lives, even generational curses can be broken through this.

Sixth, we are finally able to remove the controlling spirit that is coming through that person we haven’t forgiven, Once that controlling spirit is gone, love can come in and be our guard.

What is God wanting to accomplish through all this? Why did He say that only in trembling we would understand the message?

This year we have witnessed a shaking of everything in our lives. Tracy Cooke prophesied that everything that could be shaken under our feet this year, would be shaken. And what happens when we are shaken?

We are being sifted and things that were hidden deep in our hearts are coming to the surface that we didn’t even know where there.

God is intentionally stirring up our fears, our bitterness our resentments and bringing them to the surface so that we can have the opportunity to deal with them.

Some of it is truly ugly. And downright offensive to even ourselves. But this is a divine invitation to repent of fear, confess these things before our savior because He is the only one that can save us from the ugliness that it’s inside us, even from ourselves.

God has turned up the heat this year on the entire world to bring the dross to the surface so that we can deal with these things before the Father. When the impurities are exposed, they can seem impossible to deal with.

But we were never expected to deal with them on our own.

When we realize that we are dealing with a great deal of fear or unhealed wounds, all we have to do is confess it before Yeshua.

Confess, Repent. Wash your feet. Mikvah (immerse) according to Acts 2:38. Take His table.  Use that plug-in. And know that times of refreshing lie ahead. (Acts 3:19)

I want to leave you with two scriptures:

John 6:53-56

  “Therefore הושע said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Aḏam and drink His blood, you possess no life in yourselves.   He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood possesses everlasting life, and I shall raise him up in the last day. For My flesh is truly food, and My blood is truly drink. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood stays in Me, and I in him.”

Psalm 39

“I have said, “Let me guard my ways Against sinning with my tongue; Let me guard my mouth with a muzzle, While the wrongdoer is before me.”

I became dumb, keeping still; I was silent, from good; And my pain was stirred.

My heart was hot within me; While I was meditating, the fire burned. Then I spoke with my tongue:

“יהוה, let me know my end, And the measure of my days, what it is, Let me know how short-lived I am.

“See, You have made my days as handbreadths, And my lifetime is as non-existence before You; Only, all men standing, are all breath. Selah.

“As but a shadow each one walks; They busy themselves, only in vain; He heaps up wealth, But knows not who gathers them.

“And now, יהוה, what do I wait for? My expectancy is in You.

“Deliver me from all my transgressions; Do not make me the reproach of the foolish.

“I was dumb, I did not open my mouth, Because it was You who did it.

“Turn aside Your stroke from me; I am overcome by the blow of Your hand.

“When You chastise man for crookedness with reproofs, You consume what he loves, like a moth; All men are but a breath. Selah.

“Hear my prayer, O יהוה, And give ear to my cry; Do not be silent at my tears; For I am a stranger with You, A sojourner, as all my fathers were.

“Look away from me, That I might brighten up, Before I go away and am no more.”

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