by | Apr 2, 2021 | Faith, Life, Rachel Toland

One of the greatest weapons the enemy doesn’t want you to know you have.

Worrying about our stature before men will be our demise

When we lay aside ourselves and focus ourselves on restoring our brothers, our neighbors, our family members, former close friends to the love of God by humbling ourselves and confessing before one another our failures, our shortcomings, how we may have hurt them or had seeds of envy, pride or fear in any relationships we may have, then the authority of our prayers will increase. The more we can restore to the Father, the more we can confess as unto the Father, the more ground we gain back from the enemy camps. If we have slandered our own mother’s son, we must repent, If we have had pride toward someone, anyone…. Confess it to them. If we humble ourselves toward one another He will lift us up. He will arise and fight our battles for us (Numbers 10:35-36, Exodus 15:3-18…). This is isn’t just for our personal lives, because our lives and the lives of many are at stake right now. Our future and our children’s futures are at stake over the course of these months ahead. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

If His people who are called by HIS name will humble themselves then He will hear our prayers and heal our land.

This is how we humble ourselves, its not just before HIS face, but before one another as Yeshua/Jesus did. He humbled himself before us to the point of being nailed on a cross. That Cross was the greatest act of humility before mankind. He didn’t do it just before God’s face but before the face of all those around Him.

This is one of our greatest weapons that the enemy doesn’t want you to realize the power that this wields.

Humble ourselves so that God can HEAL our land!

And do we remember what man is made out of? The earth! No coincidence there! He will heal our land (our bodies) and our land (the earth on which we live)!

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