Renee Bailey

Hi! I’m Renee Bailey, creator of Uniquely You. A few years ago, I was struck with the desire to help young people (like myself) learn how to fully accept ourselves as God intended. As a strong believer in Yahweh (God), my faith affects all areas of my life—my thinking, my motives, my goals, even my modesty. Because of my faith and the way it effects these areas of my life, it can make me look like I don’t quite fit in with the rest of the crowd. My goal with my channel is to help all those who struggle to live out their Unique lives and be themselves, find the courage to do so. To face the world boldly in our individuality and Uniqueness, embracing who God made us, even when the world is telling us not. That we can’t. That we shouldn’t. But we will! Come on this journey with me and let’s find our Unique Selves.Another great passion that I’ve always had is music. As I’ve been singing and preforming with my family for 10 years, music has become a lifestyle for me. I started writing my own music years ago and playing it only on guitar. Now I’ve become more in tune with myself and music and have begun composing and sharing my music on social media. Music has always been an outlet for me in times when I could not put what I felt into a complete thought pattern that made sense to others. And even with having seven other siblings, talking can be difficult. I live in a remote area of Oklahoma with my family on a mountain, praising God and furthering my passions for music, inspirational speaking and writing. You can also follow my music YouTube channel here:

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