Our Mission

Our Mission is to motivate faith into action through creating shareable content that will impact our nation and culture toward Biblical values and social action.


The younger generations in the US has been fed lies about our nation and world from birth.  Most of them are conservative at heart and don’t know it—and don’t know what to do about it.  The world they know is deeply divided: dirty politics, deception, and no clear direction to go for truth.  We aim to create clarity and give them direction in the chaos of our current culture.  Politics doesn’t need to be confusing and dirty. We want to help our younger generations to connect with their Biblical identities, connect to God, and show the way to find common ground and justice in the midst of our divided culture. 


  • Building Camaraderie—We believe in building the spirit of friendly good-fellowship based on faith in Jesus/Yeshua and His Word as our guide. 
  • Walking in Humility—Humility by definition is the state of being freed from pride or arrogance. We can only draw close to God with a humble heart and we value this as our avenue to reach the Father’s heart. 
  • Knowing God for who He is—Our Father.  Our Judge.  Our Commanding Officer. 
  • We Build Bridges with Others—We believe battles are best won with strategic bridges. Too often we burn them, but our God is a God of restoration. We believe that restoration is God’s ultimate will for His creation. 
  • Praying with Repentance—“For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again” Proverbs 24:16 The Bible says to pray without ceasing, but many times we get caught up in praying without repenting. We believe repentance allows us to draw closer to the Lord and closer to His heart, allowing us to know His ways for us! 

If you want to know how this became our mission, here is Our Story

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