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Letter to Our Superintendent of Public Schools

Hofmeister has met with CDC about reopening public schools this fall, let her know how you want to see Oklahoma reopen…

Here’s a letter to our Oklahoma Superintendent for public schools. Please copy and paste to the link provided below, to let her know how you would like her to respond to her meeting with the CDC for reopening public schools.

Here’s the link to send to her after you copy ( highlight the text, then press cntrl+c), then paste (cntrl+v).

You can also contact her office :

Phone: (405) 521-3301
Fax: (405) 521-6205
Email: [email protected]
Webpage: SDE Service Desk

Dear Joy Hofmeister,

As you have spoken with the CDC regarding Oklahoma schools reopening in the fall, I would like to take a few minutes to share with you why we elected you to this duty as Superintendent to public schools. First, we elected you to defend both our National Constitution and also our state constitution. We ask you to please refer to the Constitution before making any decisions regarding your meeting with CDC. The CDC does not have governmental authority. The Constitution has been our ruling document and the CDC does not usurp it. We also voted for you, trusting that you would protect parental rights to public school and what public schooling promises our children. Please do not set reopening standards too high for both parents and children. It’s very important that you fulfill the words that you promised in your campaign. When you begin to open schools this fall, I ask you to set parents up for success as they prepare to send their precious children to public school. We ask you to adhere to the rule of law.

Also, per the GOP convention state platform that was adopted in 2019, it was passed that Oklahoma public schools consider using the Bible for curriculum. We want the Bible taught in public schools. There is no other cure for the disease that is plaguing our children other than the Truth. Confusion, bigotry and hatred cannot be overcome by anything except the Truth. Especially children being sexually preyed upon by teachers. Our media only tells our children to be sexual creatures. Our sex education classes in public schools teaches children to become sexual victims by not knowing how to adhere to any boundaries both internally or externally. We must set our future generations up for success. How can a child learn his or her value except by meeting Jesus through His Word?  If there isn’t at least the option of Light in the Word of God in public schools, only darkness will prevail for our children and grand-children.

Please consider our National Constitution and the Oklahoma State constitution when moving forward to reopen public schools. The CDC did not make our nation a beacon of hope around the world: the liberty ensured to us in the Constitution did. It’s not the CDC that has people praying for United States citizenship in countries all over the world, it’s the Constitution. I ask you to uphold it when moving forward this fall.

Thank you.

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  1. Mrs. Toland,
    Is there a church in the Tulsa area that you can recommend. I live in Broken Arrow. Thank you

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